2018 Update

We are only in February and my plans for 2018 have already changed a bit.

I have accomplished two things so far:

  • Submit Child Life practicum application at UCSF Children’s Hospital Oakland Check
  • Applied to University of Minnesota’s online masters in Child and Adolescent Development and Child Life Check (I should find out in the next few weeks)

I have never been fully sold on the idea of having my masters in Child Life specifically, I want to be a bit more versatile so in 20 years if I don’t want to be in child life anymore, I can easily move around.

A new idea that has come to me is getting my masters degree in Education with a focus in school counseling. I would still pursue a Child Life career but not on the Graduate level. I am thinking of taking the remainder of classes I need from UCSB in order to get my certificate in Child Life. These classes will also be the classes that the Child Life Council (CLC) require in order to qualify to sit for the exam.

I can still get a child life internship going this direction, although it may be a bit harder…it is possible!

So here is what I am thinking:

UCSD – MA in Education with a focus in counseling + UCSB Classes

Arizona State University- Masters in Social work+ UCSB Classes

When it comes time to apply for a Child Life internship, I will hopefully be able to put on my application that I am enrolled in a graduate program.


Wish me luck!