Practicums and Internships

Finding the right practicums and internships is not easy! It is a lot of research on your own! So, while getting myself prepared to apply to everything, I have created two spreadsheets to help me get organized. Feel free to take them and use them however you need to! If there is anything you see needs to be updated please let me know in the comments and I will do so!

Please also remember to do your research. Hospitals sometimes put their student opportunities on hold. Always double check the website or give them a call to confirm information.

Some key pieces of information you should be asking for:

  • Is there a GPA requirement?
  • Do they need unofficial or official transcripts
  • Do I need to be affiliated with a university while completing the internship/practicum?
  • When is the due date for the application?
  • Is there a fee upon submission of the application or acceptance of the internship/practicum?
  • When do they offer the internship/practicum? (Winter, Spring, Summer, or Fall)
  • Do my letters of recommendation need to be in a signed and sealed envelope?

I am navigating this confusing path as well! Please let me know if you have found or done something to be helpful on your Child Life Journey!

Child Life Internships 

Child Life Practicums

*Update: You should also check out Child Life United as you may be able to land a practicum or internship oversease!


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