Play With Child Life is on Etsy!

I have been wanting to start an Etsy page for a little over a year now. I have always loved DIY crafts, and I have all these ideas in my head! Since I am not working or going to school this summer I decided it was the perfect time to play with my ideas for Etsy!

I have finally made my Etsy page live! It will of course continue to grow over time, but I have some fun decals that will adhere to water bottles, phone or laptop cases, windows, etc. I also am working on T shirts, and Tote bags, and should have those up in the next few days!

Please go explore my page. If you want something custom I am more than happy to help you out with that. Just let me know!

My Etsy Page!


What is a Child Life Specialist?

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A Certified Child Life Specialist is a healthcare worker who provides developmentally appropriate interventions to infants, children, and youth during their hospital stay. These interventions may include procedure preparation, therapeutic play, coping strategies and pain management. Certified Child Life Specialists are also a very important resource for parents and siblings to turn to when in need of education, support, and guidance.

A Certified Child Life Specialist has to go through specific schooling, complete a 600 hour internship, and sit for an exam. In order to maintain certification a CCLS must also complete Professional Development Units (PDU).